A changing time...

The rental cabins at Lost Trail have a new owner!

After 15 and 30 years respectfully of raising our family (and our horse herd), building cabins and business, and successfully serving our many wonderfully clients, we are pleased and proud to pass on the guest ranch business, and share the legacy of this beautiful land with respectful and responsible new ownership.  

Lost Trail Ranch has been a family owned and operated guest ranch since 1937. Though no longer operating the rental cabins or outfitting services, Lost Trail Ranch continues to be our home and place of solid roots. We look forward to a future of tending to the mountain, while seeing warm and familiar faces, sharing stories, and opening our hearts and home with the many who have become dear to us over these years.

With warm blessings for a beautiful today and tomorrow,
Bob, Gin and Forrest


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Rental Cabins

Contact Us

To reach Bob, Gin and Forrest personally, please e-mail bgfgetz@gmail.com.

For inquiries concerning the rental cabins, please e-mail the new owners at admin@cabinsatlosttrail.com


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